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Animal Feed Services

Agriculture is one of the primary industries – if not the primary industry –  in West Wales, and a dependable supply of animal feed is an absolute necessity.

Understanding the needs of the farming community

We’re small farmers ourselves. Living and working in the rural community, we know the pressure that farming businesses are under. Our animal feeds business covers all elements of the supply chain. We collect and deliver raw materials, and have a fleet of bulk feed blowers delivers finished product where it’s needed.

In 2016, in response to a problem one of our feed company customers was experiencing, we acquired a feed blending plant and have increased productivity by 65%. So we’re not only supplying the raw materials and delivering the finished product, but blending the feed ourselves too!

Animal feed services

Whether you need raw ingredients collected and delivered, or finished product distributed, Mansel Davies has the vehicles, the local knowledge and the flexibility to provide the service your business needs.

Call us on 01239 831631 to discuss how we can help you with your animal feed production and distribution.