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Bulk Lime Spreading

Lime has been part of the Mansel Davies business since its earliest beginnings, and we continue to supply lime to the agricultural community.

Lime supply for the agricultural community

When John Davies set himself up as a lime, coal and grain merchant in the 1870s following the closure of local lead mines where he worked, who could have imagined that all these years later, Mansel Davies would still be in the lime supply and spreading business?

Lime is a natural product which reduces the acidity of soil and improves growing conditions. It is a source of calcium and magnesium, and improves water penetration in acidic soils. Agricultural lime is a vital element in soil management – which in turn has a huge impact on the profitability of agricultural land.

A complete lime supply and spreading service

These days, Mansel Davies doesn’t just distribute lime: we supply the lime, and use our top of the range Volvo technology to deliver the product where it’s needed. Lime spreading is carried out using our fleet of modern agricultural tractors and purpose built lime spreaders.

This is a cost-effective solution to soil management issues using a natural, locally sourced product, and can bring great benefits to your farming business. Lime improves the health of your land, increasing yields and profitability. To discuss our bulk lime supply and spreading service, call us on 01239 831631.